Gramophone DJs at The Dorchester Hotel

The Shellac Sisters are four glamorous DJs who dress in all things vintage and play 78rpm records on 1920s wind-up gramophones.

The gramophones don't need any electricity (just lots of wind-up action!). Of course, gramophones were only ever designed for use at home in the parlour... perfect for very small flapper soirees or family picnics, but not loud enough for anything beyond the domestic environment. The Shellac Sisters are the only gramophone dj's who have had unique electrical attachments custom designed to discretely allow us to use modern technology - we can plug our grams into an amp and turn up the volume! No need for microphones (which cause feedback), our specially made sound heads enable us to play for every size of audience and venue ranging from garden parties and weddings to major nightclub dancefloors!

Gramophone DJs at Claridges
Gramophone DJs at Welcome Institute

We have a vast collection of 78s covering all styles of music from the twenties through to the fifties… Big band swing by Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and The Andrews Sisters, classics like Tea for Two and The Lambeth Walk, novelties by Noel Coward and cheeky music hall acts, 1920s flapper favourites, Hollywood movie classics from Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Marlene Dietrich, jumping jive by Cab Calloway and Louis Jordan, 1950s rock'n'roll from Elvis and bombshell hits from Marilyn Monroe, latin exotics by Carmen Miranda and Perez Prado… tea dancing foxtrots, quicksteps, blackbottoms and cockney knees ups!

Gramophone DJs at NFT
Gramophone DJs at Wedding

Our list of notable credits includes:

Gramophone DJs at Tate Britain
Gramophone DJs at Royal Academy of Arts
Gramophone DJs at South Bank

If you'd like us to play for you
please do drop us a line.

See you on the dancefloor!

Jane, Jenny, Theo and Virginia
The Shellac Sisters

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Gramophone DJs with Len Goodman, BBC
Gramophone DJs at The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn
Gramophone DJs at Claridges
Gramophone DJs at V&A Museum
Gramophone DJs at The Leadenhall Ball
Gramophone DJs at Babbington House
Gramophone DJs at Hawaiian Party
Gramophone DJs at Dreamland Margate
Gramophone DJs at Grand Hotel Brighton
Gramophone DJs at Cornwell Manor
Gramophone DJs at Garden Party
Wind-up Gramophone
Gramophone DJs at Maunsel House
Claridges Hotel corporate event
Gramophone DJs at Henley Festival
Gramophone DJs at the Skylon Restaurant South Bank
Gramophone DJs at a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Party
Gramophone DJs at Shoreditch House